Risk Analysis
Mission Assurance

vigilance:  to keep watch over, especially to protect against danger

Analyze relevant operational factors in order to provide leaders with a decision-making framework  that will enable the organization to implement solutions that balance risk and mission accomplishment.

Assess:  analyze mission-critical procedures and resources along with the most likely and most dangerous risks to those resources; develop mitigation alternatives.
Advise:  based on assessment, provide changes and additions to standard operating procedures, resource management, control measures and training.  Collect and provide organizational survey information to leadership.
Design:  design physical security measures, including equipment recommendations.
​​​Assist:  integrate mitigation plans into the organization (cultural) and operations (procedural).

Based on our combined experience of more than 50 years, we have developed a methodology (for assessment and planning) that is rigorous, yet adaptive, objective and quantifiable, but flexible.  
Our minimum deliverables for any project are a written report that includes quantified risk, prioritized mitigation recommendations and a bottom-line cost-benefit analysis.  Please refer to our "More About Methodology" page.

Surveillance Systems
Access Control Systems
Cargo and Personnel Scanning Systems
Biometric Systems
Blast Protection Systems

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